To my loyal customers - who I count among some of my closest friends:

After more than 30 years in business, we have closed our doors for the last time.

We first opened in 1983 and I have owned 29 Newbury since 1986. From then until today, we have created many memories that I will never forget. I hope you can make it in one last time before we close!

I am absolutely heartbroken to shut our doors after 30 years and my biggest concern is for my employees; they have been like family to me and I want them to land safely and successfully after this unexpected closure. I never expected this to happen either and it is not my choice. I plan to provide references for my dedicated staff so they can find new opportunities.

The finally party was Saturday April 18th!

Until the next venture, where I hope to see you again...

All the best,
Debbie Lewis
Owner, 29 Newbury